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Bath Soaking Salts

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Selfcare is on the rise, and this relaxing magnesium rich salt soak will help just do that! Use as a full body bath or a foot soak.

Magnesium is absorbed easily through the skin, studies show that it is useful in over 300 pathways in the body. To say it's an essential nutrient is an understatement.

Epsom salt benefits: helps with detox, sore muscles, and help inflammation.

The essential oils combinations were thoughtfully picked. Those that love floral scents- Frankly Floral is uplifting and energizing, yet subtly calming. to be used morning or night.

Forest Bathing: for those who wonder, or that love the scent of coniferous trees- grounding and calming with a hint of tangerine for an uplifting mood.

Directions: Add a few scoops to the cotton bag or directly into warm bath water, let it dissolve, soak and relax.


  • 8 oz bath soak salt
  • 1 bamboo scoop 


Frankly Floral-Ingredients: Epsom salt, baking soda, magnesium flakes, Himalayan pink salt, Red alaea sea salt, calendula, essential oils geranium*, frankincense, and orange, rose clay

Forest Bathing-Ingredients: Epsom salt, baking soda, magnesium flakes, black lava salt, rosemary*, essential oils pine, Siberian fir, balsam fir*, tangerine

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