Our Story

 Meraki Twist started in my home after receiving a natural soap making book for Christmas, I dove into creating quality products using the best ingredients I could find locally. Before this point, I made my own skin care products such as face creams or serums. However, soaps were new to me. When I got the hang of it, I fell in love. I saw a way to express my love for art and science.


My values for quality began when I started to learn about the many facets of health and wellness. I was able to heal my hormonal acne in my early 20s from everything I learned and changed along the way. For every tangible product I picked up, I would read the ingredients.


That is why I only use the purest ingredients in all my products. Performing research is one of the best parts of the job. I enjoy finding ways to improve the products, each ingredient matters whether it is in the soap or the serums.


My education is in biology and Clinical Chemistry. I've worked in medical laboratories for almost 6 years now! I am passionate about science. Starting Meraki Twist was the creative outlet I needed to help share what I have learned. I want to show you that overcoming acne, scarring, and redness is possible.


I want to bring my natural soaps, serums, and much more to everyone, because of the great properties that they give back to you! 


Since there aren't very many soap puns out there I made up my own -- It's the best bar to give you the confidence to get naked, and not get you dirty drunk.


Get Naked. Feel Clean.


With Meraki,


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