Meraki Twist

[mey-rah-kee] (n.) to put something of yourself into your work

Soul. Creativity. Love. Twist.




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What makes us the best

  • Essential oils + botanicals

    Every product is made with quality essential oil blends tailored to smell great! Every soap is colored with plant botanicals from a variety of plants.

  • Handmade | Handcrafted

    Always handmade in small batches. Every bar of soap is cut by hand. Every serum is poured by hand in Nampa.

  • Organic + Natural oils

    We use Grass-fed tallow in every bar, and organic natural oils whenever possible. Never harsh chemicals, or preservatives, so you know your getting the best ingredients for your skin.

    • From nature to bring you back to nature
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Get Naked. Feel Clean.

Providing clean beauty skincare products that you'll love.

Simple + functional. Clean + effective.

Exceptionally non-toxic.

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