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Meraki Twist

Ashy AF

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Feel fresh and fragrant with Ashy AF! This invigorating blend combines basil, sandalwood, cedarwood, bay leaf, and nutmeg to create an aroma that's guaranteed to please. Enjoy the added exfoliating benefits of charcoal and sea salt and get ready to turn heads with yours Ashy AF glow!

Ingredients: grass-fed tallow, coconut oil*, olive oil*, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil*, castor oil*, kaolin clay, pink salt, charcoal, basil, sandalwood, cedarwood, bay leaf, nutmeg


Each bar is approx 5 oz and is hand cut.

Care Instructions

Let soap dry in between each use.

Use a soap dish with adequate drainage holes or keep from a direct stream of water.

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