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Meraki Twist

Lip Balm- Tube

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Smooth your kissable lips with this perfect Lip Balm recipe. Made with essential oils and nourishing oils and butters. Gentle on your skin, it's the best way to nourish and care for your pout, wherever you go! No more chapped lips, just plenty of softness and sweetness!

Note: This recipe uses RAW organic cacao butter, each will have a hint of a chocolatey scent.

The variations are changes in scent/essential oils.

Tangerine + Rosemary

Coffee + Peppermint

Honey + Peppermint

Sandalwood + Palmarosa

Yuzu + Orange

Mexico: Jasmine, peppermint, rose

Rose: Rose geranium, geranium


Ingredients: Beeswax*, grass fed tallow, cacao butter*, mango butter, coconut oil*, essential oil

*indicates organic

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