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Meraki Twist

Lip Balm- Tube

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Soothe your kissable lips with this perfect Lip Balm recipe. Made with essential oils and nourishing oils and butters. Gentle on your skin, it's the best way to nourish and care for your pout, wherever you go! No more chapped lips, just plenty of softness and sweetness!

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Note: This recipe uses RAW organic cacao butter, each will have a hint of a chocolatey scent and flavor.

The variations are changes in scent/essential oils.

Tangerine + Rosemary


Coffee + Peppermint

Honey + Peppermint

Sandalwood + Palmarosa

Yuzu + Orange

Jasmine + Peppermint (& Rose)

Rosey: Rose geranium, geranium


Ingredients: Beeswax*, grass fed tallow, cacao butter*, mango butter, coconut oil*, essential oil

*indicates organic

Care Instructions

Let soap dry in between each use.

Use a soap dish with adequate drainage holes or keep from a direct stream of water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda Smith
Tried on accident but turns out it’s amazing

I saw Meraki Twist at a market and bought some lip balm as a gift because I thought the scents were unique. My son opened the packaging prematurely, so I kept for myself. OH. MY. GOSH. Literally, I have never tried anything this amazing. I hope she never stops making these so I can forever buy. Hands down my new favorite lip balm, way better than big brands. Worth. Every. Penny.

From a lip balm SNOB- I’m never buying a different brand

I am so obsessed with these lip balms that I would stand on the side of the road and hold an advertisement for them. Legit. Everyone needs to try them. She nailed the recipe. They have the perfect amount of “glide on-ability” without being so soft that it vanishes from your lips. It’s worth buying again and again and giving to everyone you love. If this doesn’t become your new favorite lip balm, you probably enjoy sand in your sheets or something.
Seriously, if you’re reading this, buy one. Do it. You’re welcome.