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Meraki Twist

Lux Jade

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Introducing Lux Jade - luxury at your fingertips! Experience the perfect blend of sandalwood, geranium, lemon and lavender - so much more than just a bar of soap. Enjoy soft, supple skin, thanks to the power of Tamanu oil - the star ingredient in this must-have bar! Get luxuriously clean with Lux Jade!

 Ingredients: grass-fed tallow, coconut oil*, olive oil*, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil*, tamanu oil*, castor oil*, kaolin clay, butterfly tea powder, indigo powder, sandalwood, geranium, cedarwood, lemon, lavender, chamomile*, oat tops


each bar is approx. 5 oz, and hand cut.


Care Instructions

Let soap dry in between each use.

Use a soap dish with adequate drainage holes or keep from a direct stream of water.

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