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Meraki Twist


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The creamiest face moisturizer you'll ever touch. Whipped to perfection to give you the best results and keep your skin dewy and plump. No more dry skin! This cream is a 'barely there' formula.

It may help reduce wrinkles, acne, redness, and scarring. A moisturized face is a happy face looking bright and healthy.

This fabulous blend of grass-fed tallow, emu oil, and rosehip creates the perfect face cream you can use morning or night.

A little bit goes a long way. It's gentle and smells great. This formula absorbs nicely while moisturizing your skin and wears amazing underneath makeup.

Great for all skin types.

Now it comes in 2 sizes: 1 oz jars and 15mL jars

** Please note this recipe has changed for the better :), It will be slighty green from the rosehip oil**

Ingredients: grass-fed tallow, emu oil*, rosehip oil*, blue tansy, geranium, frankincense, palmarosa, rosemary extract, non-GMO vitamin E oil

*Indicates organic

Care Instructions

Let soap dry in between each use.

Use a soap dish with adequate drainage holes or keep from a direct stream of water.

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